2018 Death Investigation Symposium Southern California

Information for 2018 Death Investigation Symposium/Registration

2nd Annual Symposium Starts August 2018

This is a 4 day, 32 hour training module PLUS an online training module, which is included in the training fee. Once you've completed this training module, you will have access to the online course, Postmortem Injuries from Animals.

Training takes place in ORANGE COUNTY, CA

The symposium will introduce you to the modes and manner of death, the investigative aspects of the death scene, the laws governing the coroner's office and responsibilities, education requirements for investigators, specialized training, and what role forensic evidence plays in these events.

The Death Investigation Symposium is designed to provide students with an overview of the procedures of the Coroner’s Office in determining cause and manner of death. Students will study the techniques utilized in modern death investigations and become aware of the legal issues surrounding these activities. Laws governing the Coroner's Office, specific and general duties associated with death investigators, case management, scene processing, and modes of death will be discussed.

Other topics discussed include manner, cause and mechanism of death, gunshot wounds, motor vehicular deaths, and blunt force trauma.

Limited seating. Please register early.

The course includes graphic scenes some may find disturbing.

Course instructor has over 10 years experience and currently works as an Coroner Investigator.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Although not required, previous training in forensic science or criminal justice is recommended.

Training Takes Place In Southern California

The online course, Postmortem Injuries from Animals, is included in the registration fee of this training academy. You may find more information about the online course here

DATES: Meets 4 Saturdays Starting Saturday August 25, 2018

Saturday August 25, 2018

Saturday September 1, 2018

Saturday September 8, 2018

Saturday September 15, 2018

WHERE: The Vollmer Institute located in Yorba Linda, CA

22600 Savi Ranch Parkway Suite A-13, Yorba Linda, CA 92887

WHO: Intended Audience for 4 Day Death Investigation Symposium Training

The first part of the Symposium will present the laws and procedures governing the coroner investigator, training required for an coroner investigator, equipment used, and other policies the coroner investigator must following when arriving at a scene. The following days will include case studies, scene photos, case background, and the professional insight from each presenter.

The specific cases will provide in depth explanation of the mode and manner of death and each case will provide an example of each. In addition, the investigative process is explained and outlined for each case. Those who do not yet have any experience in this type of training will gain basic knowledge in death investigations and be introduced to the required investigative process have by the end of the symposium, previous experienced students will be building a deeper understanding and increased specialized skill set.

Please also consider forwarding to a friend who might be interested.

The Symposium’s ideal audience is someone who:

  • Forensic Science students wanting to learn about the investigative process involved with death scenes, the modes and manner of death, and the role a coroner investigator plays in an investigation
  • Medical students needing a thorough explanation of the role of forensic pathologists in medicolegal events and how a cause of death is determined
  • Criminal Justice students who have an interest in the laws governing the medicolegal process of evidence seized belonging to a decedent and how death notifications are made to family members.
  • Educators/Teachers who are teaching forensic, biology, anatomy, and other related topics and will benefit from the techniques and cases studies being presented during the symposium.