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Preparing for a Forensic Job Interview. What Should You Expect?

Preparing for a Forensic Job Interview. What Should You Expect? Job interviews are nerve racking. Sweaty palms, face, hands, and other parts of your body come alive with the realization you are being interviewed. YIKES!! No matter what the specialty, no matter the job title, no matter the...


Professional Profile. Who Cares?

Professional Profile. Who Cares? Do you have a LinkedIn account? Heck, do you know what LinkedIn is all about? LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows you to create an account, develop your professional profile, and build your professional network. But why is this...


Membership: The International Association for Identification

I just spent a week in Arizona, training for my current position. The training wasn't a required one but one that "looks" good for my career, my CV, and adds to my professional proof as an expert in my field. One of the biggest "calling cards" I had when networking with others during this...


What You Need to Become a Forensic Professional

There are many different types of resources which providing forensic training yet I have many students that simply do not know where to start. Never fear...forensic training is here (I know it's goofy but I sorta like it). There is no one simple way to becoming a forensic professional....


I Want to Get "Into Forensics".

I want to get a forensic job. I want to lose 20 lbs. Although each has a different outcome, the way to each outcome is the same: the need of a game plan. Wanting a forensic job needs one thing and it's the one thing most students miss--what TYPE of forensic job do you want?...


Forensic Training. Investing in Your Career.

Your Forensic Career. Have You Invested In It? Student Debt. College Debt. Debt. These days college graduates worry about the amount of money needed to complete a college education AND is going into debt really worth the education received (we will tackle the topic of finding a job...