Crime scene investigators do the REDCAP thing everyday!!


Yep, you read that right--REDCAP.

Crime scene investigators:

Recognize evidence

Evaluate importance of evidence

Document evidence (note taking, photos, video)

Collect evidence


Package evidence

REDCAPing is second nature to crime scene investigators. Doing their respective duties requires a methodical way to do these duties in a fashion which allows for the details needed in an investigation.

Breaking down the CSI process includes:

  1. log in (note the time)
  2. survey and evaluate scene (usually with lead investigator)
  3. photo the overall scene (to establish accurate picture of the scene)
  4. detail search for evidence (trace evidence)
  5. identify, number, and document evidence (with and without markers)
  6. collect and package evidence
  7. sketch scene
  8. final survey (don't forget to look up)
  9. log out and/or release scene (note time)

No matter what type of scene, the above process is the same (also depending upon the agency and training methods).

Always double check evidence collected (note-wise) vs. evidence actually have on hand.

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