Online classes vs. Hands-On training. Which one is better?

Both online and on-site training have their places in preparation for your forensic career and both can give you the professional proof that is needed, especially when you have little to no work experience.

Online Classes

Believe it or not, our Forensic Training Online Academy isn’t the only program offering specialized training online (shocking I know…). There are other programs (look into University of Florida, West Virginia University) that provide excellent online training modules and specialized courses. The key is to check with each program and ask for specifics:

How long is the course?

Is the course updated frequently?

How often does the instructor engage with his/her students?

Any external books needed?

Are certificates awarded to students upon successful completion?

Are the lectures on demand or live?

Online courses are a fantastic way to supplement your degreed education and/or your hands-on training events, workshops, seminars, and presentations. The certificates provide professional proof to your training and they showcase your learned skills when placed in your portfolio.

Hands-On Training

On-site training is a must! Nothing can replace experience of ‘doing it for yourself’ when it comes to dusting and lifting prints, determining angle of blood stain patterns, or simply reconstructing a scene via the string method. When looking for hands-on training make sure to ask some of the questions previously listed and:

How long is the training program?

What is the total cost?

How long have the instructors been teaching? Are they currently working in the field?

What are the pre-requisites?

To get overall training, both types of course formats should be included in your forensic training plan. There may be courses you’d love to take but simply can’t attend due to location and/or costs. It could be a hands-on training program isn’t near you thus taking online training would be the ideal solution.

Remember: you must plan to train for your forensic career while educating yourself for your forensic career.

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