This part 2 of a 3 part series about the different types of scene photos.

Mid-Range Photographs

The purpose of mid-range photos is to establish the location of evidence and what relationship that evidence has to the scene.

These photos should be taken in a normal ‘fashion’—capture the scene as you see it! Remember, these photos may be presented in court so your photos should be free of distractions and clearly present what is being captured without any confusion.

Below are some examples of mid-range photos:

Care must be taken to make sure you are capturing the scene as you 'enter' the scene--order is necessary. So for example, if you take pictures from the right view, make sure you capture scenes as you view the scene from the left.

Mid-range photos show relationship to an item, to a body, or to a piece or pieces of evidence.

For exterior scenes, such as vehicles, photograph all vehicles within the scene. Generally, all four (4) sides and license plate is standard view. In addition, photograph the interior when possible, undercarriage, and engine compartment.

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