Just wanted to pass along some information about the types of physical evidence. Physical evidence may come from a specific person, place, or thing.

Most physical evidence may only be associated to a certain class or group.

Individualization of physical evidence is unique. It can be directly linked to a specific person and/or source. Examples of this includes fingerprints, DNA, tool marks, bullets, etc).

Identification of physical evidence share a common source. This type of evidence can be grouped into a class of items having similar properties. Examples of this includes clothing, shoe prints, and blood type of a person.

Here's a more specific example. Can you guess what type of evidence (individual or identification) is presented:

Duct tape is used to bind a victim's hands. When the ripped end of this tape was compared to the end of a roll of tape found in the suspect's home. It was found to be an exact match.

What type of evidence is presented?


Why? Because the ripped end of the tape can be compared to the roll. There will be no two torn patterns that will be exactly identical.