Professional Profile. Who Cares?

Do you have a LinkedIn account? Heck, do you know what LinkedIn is all about?

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows you to create an account, develop your professional profile, and build your professional network. But why is this important?

Because your forensic career may depend upon it!!

Yes, I use LinkedIn and often times spend more time on LinkedIn than I do on the other platforms Forensic Training Unlimited use (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, webpage) because the professional connects are on LinkedIn. Building a professional network is one of the most important things you can do for your forensic career and it is this network community that allows you to connect with other like-minded people, develop your professional proof, and gain leads about internship and job opportunities.

With all the great things LinkedIn has to offer, why don’t more students use it?


It could be most don’t know how to use LinkedIn or may ‘feel’ intimidated by the entire process. My advice: JUST DO IT! And do it RIGHT!

By doing it right, I mean creating a professional profile including a professional picture, uploading your resume, having and sharing your professional email, engaging with others on this platform, marketing your career on this platform, having business cards with your LinkedIn ‘address’, and updating this profile to showcase your skills on a regular basis.

So, get doing, get going, and start connecting.

I’m here to help.

Stay Connected. Get Trained!