Anyone who is anyone knows about background checks. These checks aren't just limited to the forensic world either. So let's explore the most common reasons why someone would fail a background check:

Criminal Record. If you've been convicted of a crime and the job you are applying to requires you to handle sensitive material, your chances of getting hired is very slim. In fact, I had a student once asked me what his chances of being hired were since he was convicted of a felony--true story.

Driving Record. Too many speeding tickets or a history of DUIs,reckless driving, etc, would disqualify you from the background check process.

Credit History. If you have a history of not paying your bills, poor credit history, poor payment history, or if you are behind in paying your student loans (or just didn't repay them at all), there's a good chance of you failing a background check.

Dishonorable Discharge. I have yet to meet or speak to any person, who was dishonorably discharged, and is currently working as a forensic professional. Enough said.

Issues Related to Former Employer. This can be tricky. Did you leave on good terms and your former employer is giving a poor recommendation or did you simply walk off the job? Did you clash with your supervisor or was it a case of you and your supervisor not seeing eye to eye? There are many situations whereas the agency may see potential red flags in your work history so it's up to you to make sure you clarify those questionable situations.