So you've graduated. Congrats on getting your degree. I know you've worked hard in getting your degree and now your sites are set upon getting a forensic job. You've applied to forensic related jobs but you have yet to be called for a second interview or worse yet, have received 'thanks but no thanks' letters or emails.

Now what?

Here are 5 steps you should do to put your marketing efforts--remember you are marketing yourself and your skills to others--- in overdrive:

  • Start networking with forensic experts (find them on Linkedin or members of forensic organizations)
  • Revamp your resume (make it relevant to the job you are seeking)
  • Place your (revamped) resume on Indeed (your skills are unique and there is a position for you)
  • Develop/create your professional portfolio (this should include all your training, certificates, diploma, list of your courses taken)
  • Continue your training (take additional courses being sponsored by forensic training programs such as Forensic Pieces, Ron Smith & Associates, Forensic Training Unlimited, and The Forensic Science Academy, to name a few)

The competition is great! I've seen the popularity of forensic science soar to great heights in the past 20 years and as a result, it's more challenging for post graduates to land an entry level position. But this doesn't mean it's IMPOSSIBLE to land a job.

You need to remain laser focused and continue to move toward your forensic career.

I'm here to help!