New Forensic Training Series: Mini Courses--What You Need to Know

Where do you find the time to get forensic training? I understand you're stretched for time--family, pets, school, work--it all adds up to having a full plate and not enough time to tackle yet another commitment.

If you can relate to the previous statement, then our new mini course training series will fit right into your busy schedule.

See, I know your time is valuable and I also know how much you want to start your forensic career or continue your forensic training.

These text based courses introduce a specialized forensic topic in a condensed delivery--usually students can complete the courses in less than 2 hours. But just because these courses are 'mini' they are still packed full of information--case studies, scene photos, training practicums, quizzes, and downloads.

The courses in the series are:

Exploring Evidence Series: Blood Evidence and Blood Stain Patterns

Exploring Evidence Series: Forensic Entomology--Flies and Maggots

Check out the courses and spend a day training for your forensic career.