There are many different types of resources which providing forensic training yet I have many students that simply do not know where to start. Never fear...forensic training is here (I know it's goofy but I sorta like it).

There is no one simple way to becoming a forensic professional. Some stumble upon their current forensic career and others plan for it (education, training, experience, etc)--which I think is more the norm now.

In our training programs, our online and hands-on training modules, we show students there are many ways to get the forensic training needed. Training can take the form in many ways:

online classes

hands-on training



professional conferences

industry newsletters

Meetup groups


livestreaming events such as Periscope and Blab




professional group memberships


networking groups

blog posts

The combination of any of the above will not only create the professional proof you need to establish yourself as a serious forensic job candidate, but provide the training you need to market yourself as a standout candidate!

You need to set yourself apart from the many others who are wanting for the very position you've set your sights upon.

Stay Connected. Get Trained!