By now you should know how much value I place upon getting yourself set up with a mentor, someone who can guide you and give you encouragement as you navigate your way toward your forensic career. I also know how HARD it is for you to take the first step in getting your questions answered and how hard it is to find a forensic professional who will take the time to answer your questions, AND agree to be part of your professional network.

So...where do you start?

Well, right here, of course!

I was up late one night and can I have students--that's you--get started in developing and building their professional network? The answer? It was right in front of was my iPhone! I'm an idiot...yes, I did say that to myself--because the answer was so simple--tap into the many forensic professionals (many are my friends) who are in my own professional network!

So, as I scrolled through my forensic contacts, I decided to start the first "Ask A Forensic Expert Series" interview with my friend Tom Gier.

Tom is a Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE). He currently works as Southwest Louisiana Crime Laboratory and is past President of The Louisiana State Division of The International Association of Identification (LAIAI). He also is a mentor to many students who have taken his college courses and is willing to help you!

But how?

I interviewed him! I asked him those questions that you want answered:

how to start a forensic career?

what classes to take?

what do you really do?

what type of cases have you investigated?

what special training do you have?

and lots more....

Tom is willing to share his knowledge and expertise with you--not only through this class but on a one-on-one mentoring session!

That's right....your registration includes a live forensic career session with Tom and myself! All you need to do is schedule the time when it's best for you!!

This course is getting ready to open up in a few weeks...actually September 12!

Get in on the pre-launch list and you can be one of the first ones to schedule your professional call with us!

See what's included in the first Ask a Forensic Expert Series and get on the list!! See you soon!