I want to get a forensic job.

I want to lose 20 lbs.

Although each has a different outcome, the way to each outcome is the same: the need of a game plan.

Wanting a forensic job needs one thing and it's the one thing most students miss--what TYPE of forensic job do you want? Forensic Science is full of many specific disciplines, disciplines that require different types of degrees and experience. For example, crime scene investigator job descriptions differ from a forensic toxicologist.

Getting laser focused on what type of forensic job you want and what type of experience that job requires, is the very thing that is overlooked or ignored.

But how do you get laser focused?

Research your job choice. If the job requires a hard science degree, such as chemistry, and you aren't too keen on chemistry, you have two choices--either find another career choice or find a way to study and excel in chemistry.

Become familiar with what is expected in that forensic job. Do you want to collect evidence or would you rather analyze evidence? Would you rather direct or be directed? Would you mind being called out in the middle of the night or the thought of this just makes you cringe?

Get laser focused, get prepared, and get going.

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