What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

I love connecting with others, and yes, I answer EVERY request with a personal note from me (you should be doing this--it's a great way to make you stand out from the crowd--that's another blog entry for a later time). Now, I'm very particular when accepting connection requests. If the profile is incomplete (no picture), is unprofessional (you have NO idea how many profiles I see that have a non-professional picture--close your eyes and image a glamour shot that looks like a model pose or a picture with their pet in the photo--the kind of pictures that belong on your Facebook wall NOT on LinkedIn, or the profile is simply not related to my particular expertise--FORENSIC SCIENCE and helping you get started with YOUR FORENSIC CAREER.

In instances such as these, I will politely decline their request by answering THEIR request with a simple "why do YOU want to connect"?

But why go to the extra mile and write something back to them--the ones who don't get why LinkedIn is NOT Facebook. WHY?

To show respect to your profile. That's why.

Your profile and the connections linked to your profile show how serious and professional you are about your career and advancing your career. People--I mean the ones who may hire you, the ones who know someone who knows someone, the ones who may give you a foot in the door--yes, those people--will SEE your profile, will READ your profile, will LIKE (or dislike) your PROFILE, will WANT to meet you....you get the picture, right?

So...what's on your LinkedIn profile?


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