Last week I was away at a training event and didn't get a chance to write the weekly blog entry; my apologies.

This week I wanted to showcase the importance of hands-on training, not just for your career, but for your interpersonal skills. See, being part of a team makes you a very important and strong link in that team. You need to learn how to communicate what you've done and what needs to be done at the scene. This is the HARDEST lesson to learn when we are training our Academy students.

Each student is an independent learner yet each student must rely upon their assigned team member(s) to make sure the entire scene has been captured correctly: scene sketches, photography, evidence collection, evidence processing, and reports. These hands-on exercises are meant to bring the students' teams together to function as a unit--just like how its done in REAL LIFE!!

As the Academy 2016 class nears its completion, the success of these students is not only because of the training they've received, but with the lessons learned about working with others, learning the value of team work, and creating a network of colleagues who will support each other AFTER the Academy ends.