Your Forensic Career. Have You Invested In It?

Student Debt. College Debt. Debt. These days college graduates worry about the amount of money needed to complete a college education AND is going into debt really worth the education received (we will tackle the topic of finding a job after college graduation on another blog).

So, is it all worth it?

It depends.

It depends upon how you look at things--namely are you investing in your career or are you paying to get educated? Yes, there is a difference.

Are you looking at your college degree (as you progress to completion) as time well spent or something you have to do/expected to do? Or are you looking at the bigger picture, seeing the many benefits of what a higher education can help you achieve? Better job? Better salary? Promotion?

Have you planned your career strategy while in college?

Forensic careers require degrees for example, majors in photography, criminal justice, science, psychology, sociology, are helpful, but having a degree is simply not enough to get noticed as THE candidate for a forensic job opening that has over 100 applicants! You need to set yourself apart from the crowd. But how?

You need specialized training and this training comes with a cost--a cost that sometimes rivals the cost of one college class!! But is it worth it?

It depends.

Do you see this specialized training as a benefit? Will this type of training help you get an interview? Will the training you receive boost your resume? Get you noticed by other forensic professionals? Help you network with others?

Investing in your forensic career CAN be costly, but NOT investing in your career will cost a great deal more.

Stay Connected! Get Trained!


Terri Armenta