The distinct impact Forensic Training Unlimited has had on the beginnings of my forensics career.

Michelle (Shelly) McKeever, Forensic Science Student--Guest Blogger

I’m sure many people can find this relatable; trying to find solid direction in a desired career can be daunting, especially when you 1) want to do things right the first time around, and 2) want to be doing what you love ASAP! Well, I knew a career in forensics was for me, but I could not (for the life of me!) find proper direction and training. Sure, I had a bachelor’s degree in Criminology. And sure, I could probably go to another school, pay exuberant amounts of tuition money and get a certificate in observational Crime Scene Investigation (which I did, and my bank account is still kicking me for that). But I knew I needed more – I needed training that would set me apart from other people applying for the same job. And to be honest, Forensic Training Unlimited came in and provided just that and so much more…

I had spoken with so many different CSI’s that got into the field “just because” there was a job opening 15-20 years ago, and had no idea what relevant, current advice there was to give me for training. But one CSI in particular, that had gotten hired not too long ago, didn’t hesitate to tell me about Forensic Training Unlimited. She said,

“Honestly, sign up for any class you can get into. And find out when the academy begins! Don’t say to yourself, ‘well, this course isn’t what I specifically want to do, so I’m not going to take the class.’ No, that’s the wrong attitude; your career in forensics depends on your ability to constantly exercise your knowledge of the subject, and then sell yourself as an expert on the subject for years to come. You need hands-on training and you need to refresh your training constantly.”

So OBVIOUSLY I signed up for the next available training course they had to offer, and I couldn’t have been more content with this type of training. Not only does Forensic Training Unlimited offer relevant courses that specialize in unique/regular aspects of Crime Scene Investigation and related fields, but the in-person classes have some of the best hands-on training I’ve been though. What I personally think makes FTU unique is the enthusiastic dedication of its instructors. With highly trained instructors who:

-push you to market yourself correctly,

-bring you resources you would otherwise have no knowledge of,

-are current and up-to-date with the ever changing world of forensic science, and

-make you feel comfortable bringing any questions you may have to the table; this all makes the learning environment thrive.

The online courses are just as fantastic, filled with incredible advice on everything from starting your career to investigating some pretty taboo subjects that you could come across on the job. If I would have gone straight to Forensic Training Unlimited after college, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money searching for specialized training through mediocre programs.

Although I am not employed as a Forensic Specialist yet, I’ve been complimented on how well-rounded my training looks on my resume. I honestly can’t wait for interviews because going into them, I feel confident in demonstrating my knowledge and ability to be exactly what that department needs.