The cost of training. I can't afford it.

This month The Forensic Science Academy is offering two training modules--Death Investigations and Advanced Crime Scene Investigations--each training module is $295/person. Now, I don't think the price is unrealistic compared to other training options (but can't compare one training event to another), however, it is EXPENSIVE if you don't have the money to 'spare'.

What do you do?

You find OTHER ways to train, other avenues of training, other training events that don't require such a high financial output at once.

But where?

Here are two examples (located locally to me) of forensic related organizations which provide training:

California State Coroners Association

California Association for Property and Evidence

Now I realize you may not be in or near California, but I encourage you to research and find professional organizations related to forensic science that are located near you.

Also, if you're unable to attend an event, consider JOINING the organization itself. Click on the links above to explore the MANY benefits to be hand when you belong to a professional organization.