What Can You Do Professionally with a Forensic Science Degree?

There are SO many avenues you can find yourself traveling with a Forensic Science degree. Although the traditional pathways include crime scene investigator and some Criminalistic disciplines, such as toxicology, serology (which would require more of a hard science background), other pathways include: accountant, engineer, biologist, botanist, college instructor, high school teacher, laboratory technician, evidence technician (property room), loss prevention, and law enforcement.

My suggestion would be to start looking at the MANY professional organizations that focus upon the above disciplines. Many of these organizations offer student memberships and even if you aren't ready to join, take a look at the webpages associated with these organizations--much information to be had there!

Take your time in deciding what route to take, what discipline to focus upon, and start becoming laser focused on that discipline. Many times students tell me they simple don't know where to start--just do it!

I'm here to help!