Another year is here and many great training opportunities are coming in 2019. I've seen many colleges and universities increasing their distance learning departments and have had the opportunity to help others develop and publish their own online training program.

There are many challenges that come with distance learning--attention span, dedication, self motivation, and time management. Distance learning is not for everyone (I like it) but whether you're taking online classes or on-site classes, one thing is certain: the art of note taking is here to stay!

Notes are the foundation of learning (along with reading) and many of us (me included) would rather take notes via an iPad, computer, or other device (I recently received a Surface Pro 6 and the note taking capabilities far surpass my iPad--and I love my iPad).

So, what's the point, Terri?

Well, I came across an article stating note taking by hand is far more beneficial for your career than note taking on a device. Yep, you read that right! Writing notes by hand allows your brain to process the information thus leading to better memory recall. Another disadvantage of taking notes with a device vs. pen/paper, the temptation to do other things (check social media, play favorite game, or check email) becomes a distraction.

So, what do you think? Will you ditch your device for pen and paper? Do you think this will make you a better student? A better (forensic) professional?

For me, I think it depends upon the situation, and no, I won't be ditching any of my devices nor will I be ditching my pen and paper. I think both are needed to be productive and efficient professionals.

Here are the two studies I recently read:

Want to Take Better Notes?

Science Says This Old-School Style of Note-Taking will Supercharge Your Brain