Last month, the #1 question asked was: How Do I Become a Forensic Professional? I really wish there was a simple answer to this question. I mean, I can write an entire book on it and still all aspects wouldn't be covered. So instead of pulling my hair out to come up with THE answer of all answers, I wanted to sum up what all forensic professionals have in common.

Here's a simple list of 'what you should do' in becoming a 'professional'. If you think about it (like I did), all forensic professionals share all or several of the below listed points. Can you think of more?

How to Become a Forensic Professional: 5 Things You Should Do

1. Research the forensic field you'd like to work in (study)

2. Start looking for people you can speak to about your career choice (network)

3. Research what type of formal education is needed for the position (start preparing)

4. Find training opportunities related to your chosen forensic career choice (training)

5. Join professional organizations (professional proof)