Last month, Rutgers University published an article about the benefits of teaching forensic science online. I posted the article on my Twitter feed and the two forensic science Facebook pages/groups I manage.

The article describes how incorporating hands-on training in online courses results in unique learning experiences. The author, Kimberlee Moran, describes some of the strategies she used in developing her highly successful forensic course.
Read the entire article here.

I found the article very fascinating since some of the same strategies she described are very similar to what is included in our online training courses!

Coincidence? I doubt it!

Since COVID19, many training programs, including our online training courses at, were revamped to include online hands-on training activities.

The following online courses with hands-on training activities are scheduled:

January 2021
Introduction to Basic Crime Scene Investigation

February 2021
ABCs of Ballistics: Ammo, Bullets, and Casings

March 2021
Documenting, Collecting, and Preserving Evidence

April 2021
Forensic Job Interview: How to Answer the Most OFTEN asked questions the RIGHT WAY!
(this course is under development)

May 2021
Impression Evidence
(Start date to be announced)

What about our onsite program, The Forensic Science Academy, located in Southern California?

We are planning to start our onsite training program, The Forensic Science Academy, in April 2021. Although COVID19 has limited us to how many students can be accepted, we have made the necessary adjustments allowing up to 24 accepted students for Class 2021 (we will split the class into two sessions).

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