I'm a big fan of listening to podcasts. These gems provide learning on many different topics: sports, finances, weight loss, fitness, teaching, and yes, even forensic science and law enforcement. Podcasts provide entertainment, bring awareness topics and concerns that affect our daily lives, and in this case, gives us a first-hand account of events we only hear or read about in the news.

I'm particularly fond of Real Life podcast which is brought to you by The Thin Blue Line 4 Women. Tamara Mickelson, the podcast host, featured Jeanne Assam, who found herself face to face with a man armed with an AR-15, who had already shot and killed several people.

"I stepped out and I said 'police officer; drop your weapon' and he turns around and pulls his AR-15 on me, and before he could pull the trigger I fired the first five rounds very rapidly and knocked him back completely on his back,” Assam said, describing that day in 2007.
Assam is a former police officer. She was volunteering as a security guard at the New Life Church that day.

Hear first hand of what's it was like as Ms. Assam faced the gunman, what she did to stop the gunman, and who she credits for surviving the gunfire.

You can listen and read the transcript here.