I love my dogs, Izzy, a French Bulldog, and Chip, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They are spoiled, cute, and have the full run of my house. I understand not all people are dog people; some are cat people, horse people, bird people--you get the drift.

I simply get all gushy when I see my dogs. I truly love them.

I've noticed a new emerging forensic discipline, one that is combining forensics (my passion) and my love of animals: Veterinary Forensics.

Veterinary forensics is becoming more and more known because of several changes--

  • animal abuse is now being recognized as something that our society finds no acceptance for
  • new laws are being passed that provide stricter sentencing to those who are guilty of animal abuse
  • the field of forensic science is recognized as helping any type of criminal investigation
  • recent cases that involved the killing of a domestic cat and a protected lion brought attention to the plight of animals being abused or killed for no reason

There are several programs and organizations providing information about this forensic specialty:

University of Florida Online Program (online program)

The International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association (professional organization)

Vetfolio (self paced courses)

Veterinary Forensics (veterinary forensic expert)

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory UC Davis

I'm sure there's more resources but just wanted to highlight a few. This is yet another forensic discipline to explore (career wise) and to be aware of if you ever encounter another needing information.

Don't forget to hug your pet today!