This is the last of the series.

If you've been following this blog (as you should be), I've been outlining the basic steps of how to learn about your career by marketing it, you, and your resume.

For a successful pathway to your career--and to make sure you are current with new forensic technologies--you must make sure you are reading the latest journals, following the latest trends, engaging in professional groups, and repeating those previous steps. Lots of work? Perhaps. But it will allow you to become more marketable and more knowledgeable as a forensic job candidate.

Another point---don't forget to have a backup plan. Remember, you still need to eat, breathe, pay your bills, and live until that job of yours materializes.

Don't just sit back and wait for a job to come to you. You must work at it. You must work toward it. You must want it bad enough that you will repeat, repeat, repeat, the steps you just did!