Happy 2020!

With this new year, my staff and I decided to launch a Hybrid CSI Training Program. I know how challenging it is to train for a career when your schedule simply doesn't allow for yet another thing to fit on your plate. Sound familiar?

The Hybrid CSI Training Program consists of the foundation courses:

Basic Crime Scene Investigations

Advanced Crime Scene Investigations

Forensic and Crime Scene Photography

Each of these training modules offers 16 hours of online instruction and 16 hours of on-site hands-on training. The hands-on training takes place in Southern California. The instructor for each module has over 20 years of crime scene investigation experience and has been an instructor in The Forensic Science Academy for over 15 years and is one of our consultants for online course design at ForensicTrainingUnlimited.com

The cost is $1995 (payment plans available) and includes: all PDFs, PowerPoints, forms, certificates of completion, and goodie bag. A one-time materials fee of $140 must be paid separately prior to the first day of the on-site class.
The CSI Training Program will meet the needs of many students who want specialized training but are unable to commit to The Forensic Science Academy, our 6 months long, weekend only, training academy.
The training opportunity is open to all students but please note: ALL HANDS-ON TRAINING TAKES PLACE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
The importance of training an never be underestimated. It is a corner stone to starting a forensic career. Relevant forensic training is a must in marketing yourself for your forensic career. Hiring agencies are looking for candidates with relevant forensic training.
To register please visit ForensicTrainingUnlimited.com or email me [email protected] for more information.