What does your attitude ‘say’ about you?

I remember sitting in my biochemistry class next to a “Mr. Know-it-All”—you know the kind…the person who knows all the answers and then some…and feeling so irritated because this guy was just a pest to me!! I would roll my eyes to anything thing he would say.

This brings me to my latest post about your attitude.

I’ve been teaching for a few years now (close to 20 years) and I’ve been seen many of my students make that leap from forensic student to forensic professional. (In fact a former student of The Academy stopped by to give our current Academy class some professional interviewing tips. You can see him in action here). And when I’m asked “what’s the secret of getting hired”, I simply answer, “it’s all about your attitude”.

Yep. That’s it. Simple, right?


You see during those 20 years I’ve seen the shift of students’ attitudes. Some come in with the eagerness-to-learn attitude, while others come in with a rolling-of-the-eyes attitude. Could either attitude get you a forensic job? Yes. But can you guess which attitude is more apt to bring you a job offer?

Students enrolled in The Forensic Science Academy are not only being graded and assessed for learning the training brought forth, but they are also being scored on their attitude and responses. For example, do students:

Complain when conducting mock crime scenes outdoors (when it’s too hot or too cold)?

Gossip about another student?

Submit assignments late?

Give excuses for arriving late?

Pay attention when another student is speaking?

Follow directions?

Have the rolling-of-the eyes attitude?

I tell students ALL THE TIME: watch your behavior, keep your attitude in check, and conduct yourself in a manner as though you are always being ‘watched’.

First impressions are so important, whether you are on a date, in a classroom, or during an interview, so get it right the first time.