This is part 3 of a 4 part series focusing upon learning about your career choice.

Learning about your career means getting exposed---exposed to others interested in the same forensic career choice as you! Exposure also includes getting your name and experience out to others. But how?

Join a group or organization. The group/organization you join depends upon your forensic discipline you are studying or want to study/currently studying. These days there is a specialized group/organization for almost any forensic discipline that is 'out there'. For example, here are some groups/organizations I hold membership in:

Some of these groups offer a student discount for membership others don't; just do your research.

The benefits of joining professional groups/organizations includes:

  • shows professional proof
  • establish professional connections
  • specialized training
  • broaden your knowledge
  • job announcements

There are groups online too. You can find these groups on Google+ and on LinkedIn. Both of these sites provide FANTASTIC resources for forensic students (and yes, forensic experts can be found on these two sites).

Do your homework. Join. Engage. Learn.

I'm here to help.