Baseball Coach. Basketball Coach. Career Coach? These days it's important to have the right set of people in your 'corner' to help you train better, hit better, jump better. But what about having a career coach/mentor?

Your career is important but how important?

I know when I started my business (Forensic Training Unlimited and The Forensic Science Academy), I had a vision yet I needed some type of road map to make sure my efforts to bring you (great) training is on target.

You know you want a forensic career but how do you get started?

You know you need training but how do you find training?

You are studying for a forensic career but what courses should you take?

You know you should join professional groups but how do you find these groups?

Your career coach/mentor would be able to point you to the answers to those questions. More importantly, your career coach/mentor is able to translate your goals into a workable plan for you to follow.

So, where do you find a career coach/mentor?

It could be as simple as a friend, a teacher, or a close friend. Yet to achieve the results you want for your career, an expert in the field you've chosen (for example, crime scene investigator) because he/she will be able to share what works/what doesn't work in terms of career growth (you learn from THEIR mistakes/successes).

A great place to start connecting with potential coaches/mentors is through LinkedIn. I'm a big advocate for this platform and have connected with many forensic professionals. You will find like-minded people on the platform who may have the same frustrations, the same questions, and are on a similar career path as you.