This is the second in a series of tips of how to market your forensic career.

So how does reading help you market your forensic career? Reading industry related articles and professional journals helps to pave the way in establishing professional proof, which in turn leads to marketing yourself as a professional (even though you may still be a student in training or completing your degree).

Many industry related articles and professional journals are authored by the very same people who you may meet at a training conference, a seminar, or even on one of your oral boards. Knowing what the latest technology is toward a certain discipline, say DNA or fingerprints, allows you to talk the talk and know the terminology so you can be seen as a professional. This comes in handy when you are speaking to during your interviews and others who are seen as forensic experts in their field. For example, during an interview, when asked what you've done to prepare (train) for this position, you should say with confidence the articles and professional journals you read on a regular basis.

But where are these articles and journals found? that's where you need to do a bit of research? Most forensic disciples have their own organizations or professional groups where the members meet yearly (or more often) for training conferences. Your job is to find what organizations are out there for your specific career choice.

For general articles, I would highly recommend subscribing to the following:

Forensic Magazine

The Forensic Examiner

Evidence Technology Magazine

Top 25 Forensic Science Journals and Publications

Remember the more you know about a particular subject/topic, the more you will be seen as a confident, knowledgeable, and determined candidate for that forensic job that has YOUR name written all over it.