What is Forensic Training Unlimited?

A few years ago, I recognized the need for forensic training courses for students who were unable to attend our hands-on training program, The Forensic Science Academy, which is located in Southern California. Many students told me over and over again: I have the degree but I don’t have specialized courses in forensics or I need specific training involving case studies.

I understand how frustrating it can be when your career choice requires a specific training and you DO NOT HAVE that training and don’t know where to find it!

Enter Forensic Training Unlimited.

Forensic Training Unlimited (FTU) offers online training courses, webinars (both live and recorded), along with links to our training videos and other forensic related resource materials. Specialized online courses include topics covering death investigations, bloodstain patterns, forensic entomology, forensic career courses, and we’ve also paired with other experts in the forensic field to offer their courses in security training, facial composite training, forensic anthropology, crime scene photography, courtroom testimony, and coroner related training.

Our online courses can either be used to supplement your education, including the training you’ve already received, or they can be used as ‘introductory’ courses which provide the foundation to the subject matter being discussed.

Some of our offered courses are limited in duration and others, once students have enrolled, receive lifetime access to the course.

The benefits of enrolling in one of our online courses include:

• Certificates provide students with professional proof that will help them set themselves apart from others who haven’t received specialized training. Very helpful when applying to positions.

• By being able to discuss the case/course content in the discussion portal that is provided in each online training course, students are able to increase their network community which is important when reaching out for internship/volunteer/entry level

• Forensic career courses provide expert tips to help students learn how to market their career by introducing them to the many ways to get their resume noticed

• Downloadable resources are included in many of our courses. These resources can be used as a reference tool or guide long after the student has completed the course

We also offer free resources:

• Video training can be found at Forensic Training Unlimited channel on YouTube

• Monthly newsletter includes training tips, articles, and case reviews

• Facebook page includes job postings, case studies, forensic related news, and training tips

• Our blog provides expert tips about forensic training (where to get it), how to market your forensic career, type of college degree best for a forensic career, and much more.

Visit ForensicTrainingUnlimited.com for more information and to sign up for our newsletter. I can be reached at [email protected]

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