This is the first in a series of tips of how to market your forensic career.

Are you learning about your forensic career? I mean do you know EVERYTHING you need to know about (fill in the blank with your forensic career goal)?

Knowing what you want to do, knowing the educational requirements, knowing the experience needed for that job is VERY different than knowing HOW to get your career going (translate--how to get that forensic job).

If you've been following this blog, you know I'm a BIG fan of forensic training AND how to market your forensic goal (translate--how best to use that training to get a forensic job).

Yet you may not know EVERYTHING there is to know about your forensic career/forensic job. Some of the unknown you will learn on the job and as you become more experienced.

So where do you learn about your forensic career? Make time (schedule time) to read books, articles, case studies, and latest events from forensic magazines, newsfeeds, podcasts, TED talk, or other related sources.

Find different resources to get the knowledge you need--groups, mentors, other forensic students.

Listen to my final thoughts!